Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

Ex nihilo nihil fit
Out of nothing, comes nothing
Excuses surpass efforts, every time.
Believing to be entitled to a good life,
We want, want, and want some more;
But we can’t reap what we haven’t sown.

Sitting back and wishing for change,
Cursing the others, filled with outrage,
Where are the mirrors when you need them,
A hundred different masks have replaced them,
No one really is what they are anymore,
Forgetting what we are truly living for.

Hiding behind the dim-lit, smart objects,
A virtual world where you’re somebody else,
Laughter and lectures extinct on dinner tables,
Childhood memories or just mere fables?
Do we even know who we’re sitting next to?
Confined in invisible walls, we can’t see through.

Where’s the human touch, the empathy that we felt,
Reduced to 140 letters, or a snap with hashes unmeant,
So many thoughts, just let loose in the tangled web,
So lost, not even knowing it; tears of the soul ebb.
Everything done, to put on display, a showcase,
Fighting a different war, the supreme human race.

When will we wake, from this moral slumber,
Unlock the vault hidden so deep down under,
Feel the blood, not chemicals, in our veins,
Raw potential – rotting and left to waste,
Empty shells of what we were once,
Annihilation, by more than bullets and guns.

But I cannot give up, not while I breathe,
I’m sowing the seeds of hope and faith in me,
We weren’t born to fade, or wither quietly,
I’ll become the change that I want to see,
We can be better, be who we’re meant to be,
I’m sowing the seeds of hope and faith in thee.

Ex Animo,


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