Ad Meliora

Life sometimes feels like a string of unfinished entities – stories, hobbies, jobs, dreams, blogs, et cetera. We tend to begin things in the spur of the moment, propelled by the thrill of starting something new, without much thought about how we will fare once the adrenaline subsides. If the number of unsuccessful attempts at kicking-off a blog was something to boast of, I’d have added another bullet to the achievements section (which then would sum up to a grand total of 4 bullets, mind you) in my CV. This might just be another attempt, but I’m not willing to let myself believe that, because if I did, I’d have given up even before trying to stay committed to this. I have a notion, that, everything in life happens just when it is supposed to, even if it feels otherwise. Although, no matter how many tries it takes for you to get what you want done right, always believe that this attempt, right now, will be the one.

In case you’re wondering what novelties I shall be bringing to your screens and minds that has not already been said and re-said on the almighty internet, the answer is nothing. I’m not here to kindle new fires, or campaign new movements. I’m here for us to look inside ourselves and realize what we already know, deep down. I’m here, so that we can rediscover the human in us, bit by bit. It’s an experiment I’ve been conducting on myself for the last few months, and I’ll be sharing the findings with you, in the hope that what I learn about myself might be of some help to you too. If that intrigues you, then by all means, stick around.

Ex animo,


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